About EuroFEL
EuroFEL is part of the ESFRI Roadmap since 2006. The preparatory phase of EuroFEL (IRUVX-PP) prepared the establishment of the EuroFEL Consortium to link FEL & SPS facilities in Europe closer together. IRUVX-PP has been funded by the European Commission under FP7 from April 2008 to March 2011.

Industry events

IRUVX-PP meets industry

As part of the WP6 “Collaboration with industry”, the IRUVX-PP consortium organised a workshop “IRUVX-PP meets industry” on 1 March 2010 in Döllnsee near Berlin in connection with the 2nd IRUVX-PP Annual Meeting. There were 85 participants from industry, scientists and engineers from the partner institutes and 20 industrial exhibitors. The objective of the workshop was to open a dialogue with industry and focus on key industries for the setting up of new FEL facilities. Therefore the aim was to provide information to industry about required specification for realisation of advanced components and systems, required R&D collaboration with industry, outline of industry’s involvement and opportunities and give examples of collaboration with industry and technology transfer from both an institute perspective and from an industry perspective.

Common technical needs for construction of FELs have initially been identified in the areas of photon and e-beam diagnostics, X-ray optics, laser systems, synchronisation and control systems. Other areas, such as advanced undulator concepts, detector development, cryogenic modules and superconducting RF technology, will be addressed in future workshops. Very positive feedback has been received from both, the industry and engineers with the main feedback from industry indicating that networking with individual facilities is difficult and there is a distinct advantage in linking with EuroFEL with experts being present from all over Europe.

More information: www.iruvx.eu/industrymeeting2010


Upcoming Events

21-23 May 2014
Workshop on "Advanced X-Ray FEL Development
Organized by the Seeding Experts Group of FEls-of-Europe
Venue: DESY, Hamburg, Germany

2-4 June 2014
Laserlab-Europe Foresight Workshop 'Lasers for Life'
Registration deadline: 30th April 2014
Venue: Royal Society, London
More information
8-13 June 2014
5th Photoinduced Phase Transitions and Cooperative Phenomena (PIPT5) conference
Abstract submission deadline: 31st March 2014
Registration deadline: 31st May 2014
Venue: Bled, Slovenia
More information
15-20 June 2014
5th International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC’14
Abstract submission deadline: 4th December 2013
Registration deadline: 14th April 2014
Venue: Dresden, Germany
More information
07-11 July 2014
SXNS13 Conference on Surface X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
Venue: DESY, Hamburg
Abstract submission: 7th March 2014
Regular registration deadline: 15th May 2014
More information

25-29 August 2014
FEL 2014
Abstract deadline: 30th May 2014
Registration deadline: 15th August 2014
Venue: Basel, Switzerland
More information
14-19 September 2014
12th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging (XTOP 2014)
Venue: Grenoble & Villard-de-Lans, France
More information

15-17 September 2014
Science@FEL 2014 Conference
Venue: PSI, Switzerland
More information

29 Sept. - 01 Oct. 2014
27th Annual MAX IV Laboratory User Meeting (UM14)
Venue: Lund University, Lund, Sweden
More information

6-8 October 2014
6th Microbunching Instability Workshop
Organized by the seeding Experts Group of FELs-of-Europe
Venue: Elettra, Trieste, Italy
More information

9-14 November 2014
AVS 61st conference, dedicated to synchrotrons and FELs
Venue: Baltimore, USA
More information

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